Blue And Blue

by Alessandro Riccioni & Monica Hernandez

Blues come in two: the sea and the sky. Which one is born first? A modern story that recounts the genesis of these two spectacular elements, based on many legends.


Themes: the sea, blue, legends, feelings, gifts.


"Some say that the sea is the mirror of the sky, others say that the sea and the sky are brother and sister. But nobody knows exactly what links these two blues". The queen of the sea, in the depths of her kingdom, is moping around because of a desire that she can't quite put into words, a melancholy that even the mermaids' singing isn't capable of curing. One summer night, she decides to go to the surface of the water to propose a pact with the king of the sky: for him to be able to listen to the mermaids singing, so enchanting and dream-like, in exchange for the most beautiful gems of the world, the stars. The king accepts this exchange of gifts, but asks for a kiss to conclude the agreement.


A modern fable that poetically recounts the strong link between the sky and the sea, inviting us to see the horizon as their luminous kiss.

Picture Book

pages: 32 colour pages, hardcover

size: 34 cm x 24 cm

From 4 years & up

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