A House in Mahahual

by Simonetta Scala

A gift set including a book, pre-cut pieces to build a house (90 rectangular pieces and 10 triangles for the roofs in different colours), a large sheet of paper with instructions, as well as coloured cut-out boxes to make a collage or to use as backgrounds on which remaining scraps of other material can be stuck. Building a house is not a game. Or rather yes, it is. Indeed it is perhaps by playing with the various pieces of this gift set that the most beautiful houses will see the light of day. Houses are dreamt, built, inhabited, and the technique of collage may very well be of help. Assemble the pre-cut coloured pieces in order to build a house that reflects oneself and look for the representation of harmony among them and their different colours, to obtain an ideal house you would like to live in. Imagine a story around this house and put it down on paper with drawings and collage, as suggested by the book. The houses that spring from the imagination of little readers will certainly be as beautiful as the house in Mahahual !


The idea of a story based on a house made of disparate coloured pieces (recalling La Casita Mahahual, Mexican source of inspiration for this project, representative of the houses of this region which were rebuilt after each typhoon, using scattered pieces found here and there) was born out of the sensitivity of a graphic designer passionate about photography. Wishing to capture this heterogenous beauty of Mexico, these unpredictable blends of what storms leave behind, illustrating one's right to shelter and the concept of a house, this wonderful work allows children to grasp these important questions, sometimes distant from their own everyday lives.

kit: a 21.5 cm x 13.5 cm box, a soft-bound book, a poster and ten pre-cut cards.

book: 64 colour pages, 21 cm x 12.5 cm

poster: 68 cm x 50 cm unfolded, 21 cm × 12.5 cm fold

cards: 10 pre-cut cardboard cards, printed in colour on one side.